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Coming from an educational background and now turned towards "popular education", Framasoft firstly a network of projects, the first one, the Framalibre directory, dates back to 2001.

These projects are led by people working together around the same will: to promote digital freedoms.

Respect for the users fundamental freedoms, guaranteed by legal contracts (free licenses), is at the heart of the librist movement and ensures that the humanity remains in control of the digital tool.

Framasoft's goal is to offer, mainly online, a set of concrete and practical tools to facilitate adoption of:

  • free/libre software (directory, USB keys, installer...) ;
  • free/libre cultural creations (blog, translation, publishing agency...) ;
  • free/libre services (more than 30 in the "Un-google-ize Internet" project).

Presented as a "gateway to the free/libre world", the Framasoft network wishes to position itself as a link between the librists community and the general public.

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