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I recently left a company that is inherently proprietary and closed with nearly anything with its brand attached to it. I have since become nearly obsessed with the lifestyle and perspective of what open-source provides the community - whether it is free and open-source software/hardware for you to download and tinker with, or simply ensure that the product does what it says it does! There is also so much transparency and honesty behind open-source materials; the general public has been asking for more them and absolutely deserves to receive quality products that are open and honest with what they do.

I applied this passion and drive to become much more active in the open-source community for the past several months with the particular goal of constructing the most completely open-source computing platform in existence. There are many moving parts in this monumental effort, but I feel like technology has reached a point regarding adoption of open-source technologies that humanity is on the cusp of something truly amazing!

Lately, I have been organizing a working group of industry leaders specializing in FLOSS/FOSS products: SiFive (RISC-V), Olimex, Purism, OEMA68, etc. With your help I can continue to apply my working knowledge of embedded Linux systems, electronics, programming and scripting languages, and best-practice design methodologies to develop useful contributions to new and existing programs, and continue collaborating with and assisting leading companies to construct a truly open computing platform!

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