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Lord Lav Rapper, Producer and DJ!

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So who are you then bruv??? I'm Lord Lav!  I'm a Rapper, Producer and DJ from Southampton UK TRYING TO KEEP IT REAL IN A POST TRUTH WORLD!!!

What do you do? I create music and make videos amongst other things.  I pretty much try and do what I feel like whilst trying to balance doing what I need to live and doing what I find fulfilling and the two don't always overlap, probably the same as you...

Fair enough... What are you going to do with my money? Your support can eventually enable me to do more of what I like to do to live, i.e. create music, art, videos and study subjects that interest me.  (What a luxury!)  Rather than do what I don't like to live i.e. a job I find dull, repetitive and uninspiring...

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