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Who Am I?

Hello everyone, my name is MrTeeXD and welcome to my LiberaPay. I am a streamer from South Africa.

What Do I Do For A Living?

I am a Twitch Affiliate on Twitch.tv where I do livestreams as a live long passion and hobby of mine. I also do part time music production as a self-taught producer. Along with streaming, I make YouTube Videos where I record during my livestreams and upload it to my YouTube Channel. I also am a Software Tester where I test up and coming Open Source Software that's available to the public or will be available to the public.

What Is Your Goal?

My goal is to be able to turn my hobbies into a full time job. I love what I am doing as it makes me happy and fills me with joy. I am always happy to come home and start streaming.

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