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Awakening Star is a brand and a multimedia channel that aims to give free values and vast information to people using different types of media. The AS also wants to connect with like-minded people and other media channels with the same goal. Awakening Star is Love, Joy, Bliss, Hope, and Knowledge for light being like us humans that came from the source.

So in our Awakening Star channel, we will talk about the following Spirituality Paranormal Philosophy Science Esotericism and mysticism Chakra Philosophy in religion inner path any many more topics as long as related to spirituality

Mission To spread the message to the masses To help all people to understand who we are To help more people to wake up from the manipulated system of matrix To guide them to the next right path of our lives To give tools and tips on how to ascend beyond this physical material domain of existence.

Vision One of the popular multi-media channels that helps people to wake up from the manipulated system. To be one of the libraries of information about the divine truth of our history, evolution, lost knowledge, neuroscience, new research, discoveries, and archaeology findings that are related to each topic about spirituality, light, love, and consciousness.

We know this will need a lot of work but it can be done as long as the people will support the channel. Because Awakening Star is literally YOU who are reading this article right now and want to help you to ascend

We need your love and support!

​We don't want to put some price tags in each of our videos just for you to access the information that you need to know. Because in the first place, this information was secretly hidden away from us by other secret organizations, some government, military, and even some religious groups for many many years. Simply because they want power, they want to manipulate us and control us.

But even though we (Awakening Star) have a great deal of knowledge about the truth and the past, it comes with greater responsibilities. Ever since I founded this Awakening Star channel media, it's hard work because I am also the staff member of my own and doing everything without the help of another person except Google.

I resigned from my previous work as a Chef, but now I'm more focus on being a content creator of this channel and currently working full-time 24/7 and more than 8 hours of work daily.

This is the real reason why I'm asking for you voluntary support by donating any amount of money to cover my monthly expenses so that I can continue my calling and that is by serving you using the Awakening Star channel because I love you, I don't want you to be left alone without knowing the divine truth.

Any amount will be appreciated, and I will cherish it forever.

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