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Breeze::OS is a desktop-oriented distribution. We decided to derive it from many existing ones; as a means of offering a varied selection from which to choose. Our distribution works on low-memory machines; such as, single-core computers with 512Meg of memory e.g. Athlon Sempron-64bit.

The Breeze::OS distribution includes both a graphical and curses based installer. The installer was implemented to allow easily configurable installation steps, seen as pages.

Both versions can be viewed with the following links:


Linux OS 32bit and 64bit
Xfce,Mate,KDE desktops offered
OpenOffice or LibreOffice
Service manager [brzctl]
Package Manager [brzpkg]
Distro Installer [brzinst]
GUI Login Manager [brzdm]
Live DVD releases []

The funding is to pay for additional web hosting services and more powerful computers for the development of rolling releases of the different flavors of the distribution, that we are currently have scheduled.

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