Lesbian fantasy novels (in french) and free software

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I am a french author who likes to write urban fantasy books featuring lesbians, vampires, witches, gunfights and explosions; some of them are published under a free license (CC-BY-SA). For more information (in french), you can check my website:

Probably more to the point if you don't speak french, I also write some code. My most sizeable application is Crowbook, which converts books written in Markdown to HTML, PDF and EPUB, with a focus on novel writing. I don't work in the software industry, and this sometimes have less time to invest on such projects that I would love.

I also would love to mix those two occupations and try to make some game. If I have some support, I'd probably be more likely to invest some time exploring this idea ^^

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Converts books written in Markdown to HTML, LaTeX/PDF and EPUB

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A Rust library for generating EPUB files



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