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I’m the creator of I like to work on this project, but right now I must do it after I tend to my family and $job. If you like what I do, support me so I can switch to half-time and spend more time on Your Favourite Feature.

If you just want to buy me a coffee (under 1 EUR) a month, that may also boost my productivity a bit ;)

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flask-logging-extras 0 Обновлено 8 месяцев назад

Extra logging functionality for Flask applications

swe-glib 2 Обновлено 1 год назад

SWE-GLib is a GLib style wrapper library around the Swiss Ephemeris library, created by Astrodienst.

matrix-glib-sdk 14 Обновлено 1 год назад

docker-glib 0 Обновлено 2 года назад

astrognome 3 Обновлено 2 года назад

Astrognome is a free astrology software. Designed for the GNOME Desktop, it aims to be simple and intuitive.

telepathy-cauchy 2 Обновлено 3 года назад

Implementation of the Matrix SDK for Telepathy

gobgen.el 3 Обновлено 3 года назад

hungarian-holidays 0 Обновлено 3 года назад


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