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I'm a programmer making open-source software in Rust, primarily tools for video game developers.

Projects I work on:

  • ggez, a lightweight game framework for making 2D games, inspired by LÖVE. I do maintenance, bugfixes, and general project leadership.
  • gfx-rs, a low-level, cross-platform graphics library for Rust. I do documentation and maybe hopefully I'll get to some other things.

Note that I am far from the only contributor on these projects! You are donating to me, not to the project.

Pondering other things I want to work on...

  • ggez needs to work on wasm+webgl, which involves making gfx-rs do it as well.
  • a Rust plotting library would be really great
  • as would a Rust data-loading-and-processing library, similar to numpy.

Anyone else have any requests?

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