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What is this?

LibreTaxi is "open-source Uber" with focus on freedom and social change. In the world where ridesharing corporations take their cut and screw drivers, we offer forever-free platform with the full source code that already operates worldwide.

How it is better?

It gives you full freedom with no restrictions by simply being the service that connects you to the passenger, instead of taking a payment. When you're connected by the phone, you confirm the order, and take the payment: by cash (default) or by the payment terminal (optional, if you have one). It works out of the box with 3 minute registration.

How many users do we have?

We have ~30 thousand users worldwide. This is not too much for the world, but it is something. We have some good traction in some cities (like Manila, Philippines - hundreds of orders a day), and almost no traction in some other cities.

We've translated the app into 20+ languages, we have more than 50 private LibreTaxi instances operating in communities.

Why do we need support?

We've spent our time on delivering this technology and appreciate every dollar. It will help us to pay our bills (LibreTaxi is free, but we need to pay for servers) and improve the product. Now we have MVP, very minimalistic version that works as chat system. But with the native app we can deliver the better app and reach out to more passengers and drivers. We have tens of thousands users, but with native app we can have 1 million and more.

Help us building the social alternative to Uber that will improve people's lives everywhere!

Learn more about LibreTaxi at

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LibreTaxi, free and open source Uber/Lyft alternative to connect passengers and drivers.


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