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Just like most writers that struggle in their first years, I'm struggling to stay afloat.

I'm forever grateful for my patrons and because of Patreon's restrictive and harmful rules, I need a way to reconnect with my patrons. All I ever want from my monthly patrons is a $1. It might seem like nothing, but to me, just a dollar is everything.

Liberpay doesn't have pledge bonuses, but if you pledge just $1 to me a month, I will do my best to give you more than just my thanks.

Let me first, however, express my deepest thanks to anyone who donates just a dollar/month to me. It's little donations like that that keep little guys like me alive. Paying the bills is hard enough, having enough left over to eat is even trickier.

$1/month = Post your e-mail to me and I will put you on a mailing list to stay informed about upcoming publications.

$10/month = You will always get a first print of my most recent publications, signed by me, with a thank you mentioning your patronage.

My Accomplishments with the help of my patrons: -Graduated Dean's list at University at Albany

-Published in Artpost Magazine for his short fiction "Inside" and the short fiction "Not In My Country." (The magazine has since folded)

-Published by Madness Heart Press "In the Shadow of the Mountains" and "Inhuman Error."

-Published in the Sorrow Anthology "Cold."

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