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I contribute to a variety of Free/Libre Opensource Software projects (including my own work). If you find some of my work useful, please show your support by contributing. Appreciation -> more motivation to work -> more code!

Below are just some of my personal projects I'm working on. Check out my Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket profiles for more!

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ConfigObj-Qt 1 Обновлено 2 года назад

Convert between QSettings and ConfigObj objects

vimsplain 88 Обновлено 2 года назад

Explain Vim command sequences

pymplb 5 Обновлено 2 года назад

Simple python bindings for mplayer slave mode

ConfigObj-GUI 4 Обновлено 2 года назад

GUI for configuring configobj configurations

FortranByExamples 0 Обновлено 4 года назад

Introduction to modern Fortran by uncommented examples


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