Sophia Grace

Photographer, occasional writer, bunny enthusiast.

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Hi, I'm Sophia. I'm a photographer who's recently getting back into the swing of things after a few years of disaffection. I'm focusing largely on self portrait and nude for now, and currently going back to exploring black and white. I'm a great believer in commons and most of my work is, at a minimum, CC BY-SA-NC.

In addition to photos of landscapes, forests, and portraits, I also take and share a lot of photographs and videos of my pet dogs and bunnies, as well as updates on the funny things they do, with the aim of bringing a little bit of happiness to people's social timelines.

I occasionally write about disability, mental illness, poverty, art, and tech.

I'm a passionate advocate of disability rights and much of my spare time when well enough is spent assisting people in making sure theirs are maintained.

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