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What I think

I generally develop and experiment with multiple things. Thrying to find things that make my daily live easyer or just cooler :D I only use what is really useful and truncate what does not, or at worst takes away more time. This is also my paradigm for development. Well and when I develop, I code opensource. Why? Because I think that code is knowledge and that is more valuable than the program or the product you create. I think knowledge is what drives us all, and I want to contribute to that drive. So lets code open :D

What I do

Studying ... still. It's fun :D

At the moment I am drawn to system and kernel development, which I try to experiment with and work on at University. I also learned and experimented with AI and deep learning for a while, but can not say how far I will go with this.

What I did

Many things. The most notable is probably the contributions I did as an Android developer. And here especially that I started the NewPipeProject back in 2015. I did more than this. So here are some projects I've started:

Projects I've started

Some less notably (kind of experimental things) I've made (Node, some of these things where made in my early days of being a dev so be aware of ugly code):

Projects I've contributed

  • F-Droid
  • TTRSS (Porting the Android App to F-Droid)
  • ownCloud Android app

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Terminighor is a free NFC tag based alarm clock for android.

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An Android frontend for Etherwake.

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A simple Lotto/Bingo Programm


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NewPipe is a FLOSS video player on android for Services like Youtube, Soundcloud etc.

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