Free support of netfilter and strongSwan

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Free strongSwan and netfilter support

I am the person behind the majority of the professional free support for end users on the IRC channels of strongSwan [1] and netfilter[2] , and the issue tracker[3] and users list[4] of strongSwan. On top of that, I write most of the end user oriented articles on the strongSwan wiki, for example the UsableExamples article, the SecurityRecommendations article, the HelpRequests article and many more. Aid me in my endeavours by donating!

Связанные аккаунты

thermi владеет следующими аккаунтами на других сайтах:


blocklists-ipset 0 Обновлено 4 месяца назад

A Python 3 script for updating ipsets for IPv4 and IPv6 from the all.txt list of blocklist.de.

smartups_monitor 0 Обновлено 2 года назад

A python script written to monitor the OpenElectrons SmartUPS, supports all functionality of the device.

fan-controller 0 Обновлено 3 года назад

A python script to control fans based on temperature sensors

nifty-stuff 0 Обновлено 3 года назад

Just some handy or cool stuff I collected or came up with

routeSetter 0 Обновлено 4 года назад

client/server application to add routes on behalf of unprivileged processes

nfqueue-ip-frag 0 Обновлено 4 года назад

golang application for fragmenting packets using an nfqueue

dns-ipset 0 Обновлено 4 года назад

A python 3 script for updating ipsets from DNS records (supports port and protocol sets, too).

docker-makepkg (fork) 5 Обновлено 7 месяцев назад

Python scripts for building Arch Linux containers inside of Docker containers (supports signing)

opendkim-genkeys (fork) 0 Обновлено 1 год назад

Generate opendkim new keys, signing and key table files and update DNS records

Ananicy (fork) 0 Обновлено 2 года назад

Ananicy - is Another auto nice daemon, with community rules support (Use pull request please)

nc_dnsapi (fork) 0 Обновлено 2 года назад

API wrapper for the netcup DNS API

nfqueue-go (fork) 1 Обновлено 3 года назад

Go bindings for NFQueue


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