I create libre hardware, especially catering to retrocomputing and neo-retro interests.

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I'm currently supporting the RC2014 community with a set of libre-licensed (MPLv2, GPLv3) products which will also support my own home-brew computer design, the Kestrel Computer Project. Due to limitations with Liberapay, I cannot list in their UI accounts where I have my project information hosted. So, I list them below instead:

The RC2014 originally started life as a Z80-based retro-computing project, but has since become a de facto backplane bus interconnect serving a multitude of different microprocessors. My plan is to realize my own home-brew computer design by incrementally creating RC2014-compatible products until I can substitute the standard Z80 processor for the Kestrel's RISC-V processor.

Once that milestone is achieved, the next logical step is to create a custom Kestrel motherboard and case!

My long-term goal is to work on the Kestrel Computer Project full-time. I intend on selling kits of everything I make, which will help fund this dream as well. In a perfect world, I seek to make a minimum of $6000/month off of all my income streams (day job, donations, and home business). Greater donations will enable me to focus more on Kestrel and retrocomputing developments. I do not expect donations to provide the entirety of this figure; but anything you can contribute helps me towards getting my small kit side-hustle off the ground, the sales from which will amplify the effects of donations made here. (These figures are calibrated for where I live in the San Francisco Bay Area.)

Thank you for considering my project!

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