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Hello, my name is Aren, and I am the Illustrator, Writer, and Musician behind BOTTLECAP GIRL.

BOTTLECAP GIRL is a multimedia project following the adventures of a fictional band of the same name. Read about the group, and their escapades in their pursuit to find their way as a band - while trying to overcome the one thing getting in their way: High School.


The comic depicting the bands numerous adventures and daily lives is published monthly, here - available in both English and Japanese. Though higher quality versions are available via a Patreon, the complete chapters will be released monthly, for free.


Alongside the comic, I plan on releasing music on a regular basis; available for purchase on most platforms - but available to stream on Spotify and YouTube, as well.

Bits and pieces highlighting the process of creating both the art and music for BOTTLECAP GIRL will be streamed on Twitch

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