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Cocolandia is a vegan regenerative agroforestry project in semi-arid southwestern Ecuador. Situated on 11.6 hectares of severely degraded land, the project shall consist of building rich soil, minimising erosion, maximising water retention, and planting a symbiotic dry-forest ecosystem of tropical fruit trees and support species in order to rejuvenate the landscape while simultaneously providing food for ourselves in a sustainable manner. We have years of experience working on a similar project elsewhere in Ecuador. Our core values include respect for personal freedom and autonomy, animal rights, fruitarianism, non-hierarchical self-governance, minimalism (in regard to material possessions), and (nearly) zero-waste. Though the land is paid for, the owner currently lacks the funds to renovate the house (which is literally falling apart), install solar electricity, run plumbing to the kitchen, or upgrade the irrigation and related infrastructure. Cocolandia is a fruitful oasis just waiting to be brought to life, and we humbly request funding so that we can save this land from further degradation as a result of continued grazing, which is what would happen if we were to move out. Any amount helps. To donate tools or plants/seeds, or to join us here, please contact us through our website: https://cocolandia.org/

Please share this page in vegan groups and with anyone who might be interested in helping out.



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