Koa A. Tom

Photographist investigating Human Nature employing historical & contemporary photographic processes

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Koa A. Tom is a Photographist specializing in Alternative Photographic Processes and Photographic Restorations. Their work mixes Analog and Digital techniques to investigate the continuum between people and the rest of nature, as well as the continuing evolution of Photography itself. Koa melds their Art and Science backgrounds to create work that encourages positive relationships between earth, body & spirit.

Koa makes work & enables others to do the same at Light Rider Studios in Corvallis, Oregon. Supporting Koa allows Koa to support other artists through Light Rider Studios as well as educate & express through art the relationships between people & our environments. Koa creates mental playscapes where viewers can explore their connections to space; Koa shares photographic methodologies with others so that they may communicate with the medium; & Koa imparts their artistic touch to projects for others. Your contributions enable Koa to engage in these activities for their growth & others'. Let's see what we can make together !


Koa_Atom присоединился 2 года назад.

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