Production of scores and audio under Free Art license.

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I am Florent, a French musician who lives in Estonia.


I propose on monviolon.org collections, recordings and videos under Free Art license (CC BY-SA compatible). There are mostly popular (traditional) music for dancing and music for learning the violin.


I make people dance in "bal folk", I play and make people play "trad" around me, I try to organise jam sessions with beginners. I would like to let people know that we can all make music in the same way as we speak, and that everyone has beautiful things to say, even without professional virtuosity.

What content have I already produced?

Today (February 2022) :

  • 216 music scores published.
  • 2 booklets to make yourself.


  • 31 recorded songs.
  • 32 videos available.

For a few years now, I have been living with my family and my violins in a small Estonian house on the edge of the forest and I share this experience in (free/libre) pictures on Mastodon (the social network).


Why am I on Liberapay for?

Since I have to make some money, I teach "classical violin with piano accompaniment". I give exams and marks. That's pretty much the opposite of my idea of the joy of learning, so obviously it's not what I do best and that's a bit of a shame. Your donations will allow me to be less dependent on this activity and thus be able to devote time to producing quality free content regularly.


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