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I've been playing around with various eInk eReaders (for, err, over 9 years now -_-").

It originally started with Kindles (ScreenSavers, USBNet, and I've ended up maintaining a crapload of other stuff over the years), and has since shifted towards Kobo devices (KFMon, FBInk, ...), because they're much friendlier to the errant tinkerer ;).

And, of course, with KOReader, where all of those various experiments came handy when dealing with each platform's various quirks.

My GitHub profile, my own SVN repo, my BitBucket profile, and the list of threads I started on MobileRead should pretty much cover it all ;).

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FBInk 38 Обновлено 1 неделю назад

FrameBuffer eInker, a small tool & library to print text & images to an eInk Linux framebuffer

kfmon 55 Обновлено 2 недели назад

Kute File Monitor, an inotify-based Launcher for Kobo devices

KindleTool (fork) 211 Обновлено на этой неделе

A tool for creating & extracting Kindle updates and more

koreader (fork) 4 Обновлено 1 неделю назад

Kindle Open Reader: A document reader for eink devices, supports PDF, DJVU, EPUB, FB2, HTML and much more

koxtoolchain (fork) 0 Обновлено 1 неделю назад

Build script for various toolchains used by KOReader

librariansync (fork) 0 Обновлено 1 год назад

KUAL script to manage collections on Kindle devices.


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