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RevLibre is a non profit french organization ("association loi de 1901") which aim is to spread, educate and promote libre software and libre ecosystems, in order to prepare a future society based on collaboration, autonomy, decentralization, respecting private data and people's intimacy, where digital security and digital justice are default values, in a few words, a libre society :)

For that, we organize talks, debates, digital educational workshops for children, un-GAFAM-isation workshops for everyone, workshops for parents and children to learn together how to better protect their digital lives, film projections, etc. We are constantly imaging new ways of spreading the word, in order to achieve our dream goals.

On our website, http://revlibre.org, you will find the details of our activities. Please, do also check https://paye-ton-logiciel-libre.eu which is a project we have that was born as a joint talk between three libre software activists, and that we would like to further develop and multiply.

Our goal for 2019-2020 is to make regular interventions in public libraries, in popular festivals (check our intervention in Oh Les Beaux Jours festival), in schools (for children from 6 to 18 years), in order to raise awareness among children, parents and teachers, about the importance of digital freedom, of Internet's neutrality, of the security and respect towards personal data, of responsibility and social behavior in the digital world. We would also like people to understand the values of libre software and libre ecosystems (such as Wikipedia or OpenstreetMap), to learn how to use these tools, to learn how to avoid dangerous proprietary dominating models that are based on private data collection, on tracking and on algorithmic bias.

Moreover, we would like to organize events that put the spotlight on artistic libre creations. We would also like to financially support the development of libre software: part of the money we gain will be donated to friend organizations (such as Debian France or April and we already donate 5 % (the aim is to make it be 10 % in 2020) of the children workshop gains to the libre softwares that we use during these workshops.

These are the main reasons why we need your support, all this takes time, and our financial goal of 500 euros per week would give us the possibility of full-time employing someone to organize and coordinate our projects. This amount would correspond in a french system to a salary + social contributions + employee contributions. You are welcome to collaborate with us, let's imagine something together : contact@revlivre.org.

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