FLOSS developer and advocate. Project manager for Godot Engine. Mageia Linux developer.

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I develop free/libre and open source software on my free time, by passion. My main focus is the Godot game engine and the community-led Mageia Linux distribution.

Over the years, I've become a prominent contributor and now the project manager of Godot Engine, a 2D and 3D cross-platform game engine developed by hundreds of contributors from all over the world.

I'm also one of the main developers and packagers of the community-driven Mageia Linux distribution, which I use as my only OS.

I also have some side projects, mostly related to libre gaming, such as maintaining older FOSS games like Lugaru or Jump 'n Bump, and developing new ones in Godot Engine such as Jetpaca or Minilens.

About donations: I don't ask for them, as I have a day job unrelated to software development that covers my costs just fine. Still, I'm flattered by any support, and will gladly redistribute whatever funds I get here to support-worthy projects of my choice.

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