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Greetings. I am a strategist, designer, and communicator — or how I like to say it, “I wake up in the morning to create, empower, and teach.” Have decided to jump onto Liberapay to better support the outcomes of an initiative started in ‘18 called Avanceé.

Avanceé is an experience design consulting/strategy initiative. My goal with Avanceé is to enable people, teams and orgs to better articulate systems, design experiences, and then re-engineer to more favorable outcomes. The existing website serves as “overflow” from some of those projects, in the form of shared links, long-form blog posts, and snippets of concepts. Learn more about Avanceé here.

My goal using Liberapay is to further the impact and accessibility of those items created and shared through Avanceé — moving from the current snippets of projects shared, to usable frameworks for your own projects, including workshops to get those moving in the right direction.

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Files and minor milestones related to developing a personal rss reader

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