I am making plugins for the Godot Game Engine while writing an entirely open-source game.

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I am writing plugins for the Godot Game Engine while creating a free and open 3D adventure game.

The Plugins

Resource Wrangler

I spent at least 8 months (in 2023) writing this while aiming for a moving Godot 4.x target. It's still moving!

It uses Graph Nodes, so I called it "Resource Wrangler" as a hat-tip to the excellent Node-Wrangler plugin in Blender. The plugin is really a free-form way to dance with Resource Objects, sketching a structure for your data. It's like a database and a tree at the same time.

As I use it, I find things that need adding and changing. It mutates to be more and more useful.

The code is free and available (docs too) at:

Resource Wrangler on Gitlab

I am slowly making (terrible) tutorials which are here:

dbat Youtube Channel


I am also interested in ways to cover terrain (whether ground or free spaces like underwater) with meshes. Borrowing a word from painting, this plugin "dabs" things onto other things. It is controlled by a node-graph (which uses Resource Wrangler) and has a bunch of super-powers.

There are a few really good terrain scattering plugins in Godot now, but when I began they were not ready. I also kind of went my own way.

The code is at:

Dabber on Gitlab

I will also make videos and docs for Dabber when I get a chance.

Other Plugins

I have released two other plugins on the Godot Asset Library. (You may also find a very old version of Resource Wrangler there.)

Godot Asset Library


A Multimesh3D node lets you gather many instances of the same mesh into one super-fast resource. The "Meta" plugin lets you go back and forth. So you can pull the instances out, edit them in Godot and then push them back into the multimesh. It's very useful.


The CSG shapes are very nice to use, and they can be converted into meshes but only in code. This plugin let's you do that from the inspector. You can also set it to automatically make colliders and a StaticBody3D node.


I would like to be able to afford the time to really make all my plugins shine. There are a lot of corners that need polish and I'd like to get them translated into other languages. I will also need to stay on the job as Godot itself changes, forcing plugins to update.

Please support me if you can. All my work goes into the Godot eco-system and will forever be under MIT (or better licences).

I need very little, but that little will allow me to keep on developing tools for everyone.

(I am also looking for fellow devs and artists to help out.)


Donn (dbat)

South Africa.

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