Rahammetoela Toekiman

Open Source Programmer

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I am an developer interested in contributing to open source projects like those by UBports Foundation, and improving my skill in order to make even more meaningful contributions.

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Calendar App 0 Обновлено 1 год назад

Default Calendar application for Ubuntu Touch devices

wafire 0 Обновлено 1 год назад

sshmount 1 Обновлено 4 месяца назад

bash script for reading config for mounting Remote directories locally over ssh

systemd-service-files 8 Обновлено 7 месяцев назад

Personal Systemd Service files

dotfiles 1 Обновлено 8 месяцев назад

my personal vim and bash alias dot files

Lemp-webapp 0 Обновлено 2 года назад

a generic example webapp build using php bootstrap and javascript on top of the lemp webstack

crackle (fork) 1 Обновлено 8 месяцев назад

a wrapper for apt to install packages in XDG Home Directories


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