Michael R Sweet

Creator of CUPS, HTMLDOC, and many other open source projects. Author of many standards + AirPrint.

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Over the last 30+ years I have created and shared many tools and libraries that you may use daily, such as CUPS, Gutenprint, HTMLDOC, and Mini-XML. I have also contributed to many other open source projects (cups-filters, FLTK, Ghostscript, Samba) and written or contributed to many of the standards used for printing and the web today.

I love to develop easy-to-use and well-documented open source solutions in a variety of areas and I'm looking to sponsors to help fund my development time and focus my efforts where they are most needed.

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lprint 131 Обновлено 1 неделю назад

A Label Printer Application

pappl 270 Обновлено 1 неделю назад

PAPPL - Printer Application Framework

rasterview 21 Обновлено 2 недели назад

A CUPS/PWG/Apple raster file viewer for Linux, macOS, and Windows

htmldoc 163 Обновлено 2 недели назад

HTML Conversion Software

mxml 365 Обновлено 3 недели назад

Tiny XML library.

moauth 17 Обновлено 2 месяца назад

Basic OAuth2 client/server implementation.

codedoc 36 Обновлено 3 месяца назад

Documentation generator for C/C++ code

mmd 18 Обновлено 3 месяца назад

Miniature markdown library

hp-printer-app 18 Обновлено 4 месяца назад

Example printer application for HP PCL printers using PAPPL.

htmlcss 44 Обновлено 6 месяцев назад

A lightweight HTML and CSS Parser in C

zipc 8 Обновлено 2 года назад

Simple ZIP container writing "library"

abnf 16 Обновлено 3 года назад

ABNF to REGEX Library


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