murabito of bemoe.online and all related services. any help appreciated. live long and prosper <3

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you now have the option of donating if you enjoy my content and/or want to support me / my work. i am on a (tiny) fixed income; i get enough to survive, but not much more than that.


0 i tend to ramble so i'm sorry if this ends up unnecessarily long.

1 it is not my intent to actually ask for money, by which i mean that is not why i set up a method by which i can accept donations. let me put it this way: this exists not so i can request money, but so i can accept money. there is a big difference.

2 i do not host anything myself, and almost everything i provide online is hosted by a different friend on a different server. this includes the different services available on bemoe.online and its subdomains. if i end up getting much via donations i do plan on offering a portion to them.

3 please don't donate if you don't have the money. i was homeless for a good part of the 2010s and even though i have a stable living situation at the moment i don't want people who have less than i do to be donating to me. please only donate if you can afford it.


as i said before, i get enough money to survive each month, to say nothing of the fact i am not paying for hosting myself, but that doesn't mean i don't still have related expenses. also, i would like to be able to host things myself one day and there is plenty i want to spend money on. and i don't doubt if i knew people enjoyed my services enough to donate some money, it would spur my motivation to get pending to-dos done on my services, post in my blog more often, and so on.

my biggest related expense has got to be the cost of internet access. i live on comcast's turf and they have a monopoly on cable internet where i live. at the time of me writing this, i am rapidly approaching the end of the new customer deal which means the cost is going to skyrocket through the roof.

i also pay for the bemoe.online domain name, but that was dirt cheap and i only have to pay every 3 years to hold on to it.

other things i need money for that i want to buy include stuff like a server of my own, a nas, a pinephone, a mechanical keyboard, anime weeb stuff, and a plethora of other mostly computery things.


you are awesome. peace.

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