徒 setto セット (To Setto Setto)

My music is a cypher cloud jam induced by popcorn-chewing threads in obscure chat-rooms.

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Why spend money on me? 💎

I don't know... because I'm smol and sweet? Because i make delicious music sometimes and possible because i talk derpy-deep on Peertube in my pajama? 🦄 Or maybe so i can buy Rexi a couple of treats and treat my fiancee with a cake and a kofe! Or both, but all on you! It could also be because why not and for no reason. 🎷🦒 In either case it's going to make me so happy i might explode in a cloud of confetti-joy... Just pres that golden button and watch me! 🎊

Set, Party, Gang 👯‍♂️

徒 setto セット is pronounced “To Setto Setto”. I am the brainchild of wtfcoucou incarnated by Sethybowoy aka Sakrecoer and the House of Me. Initially abandoned, this project first made sense as the post VHS-video era came to be. Cypher-punk at core, induced by popcorn chewing threads in obscure chat-rooms, my music is ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓ and ▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓▓!

The true identity of my meat-bag has been doxxed several times and by now it’s basically OSINT. Regardless, I don’t like to talk about it, because who I am is not important. For all I care You could be Me! Personally I wish I was a program, a Secret Squirrel, or just a plain good old Talefjant… What matters is the music and i would never dare to come between you and your relationship to it. Because the music became yours from the moment it left my computer to go out on the World Wild Web.

Instead i like to talk about important things, like encryption, open protocols, memetic mythology, how to build a meshed-network or which autotune is best for GNU+Linux. For that i can be found on matrix and telegram.

I like to sing in french because it’s a dead language in Cyberspace. But it sounds lit and is quite functional for poetry. However, if I could I would probably sing in Haskell. At some point I will.

Hope you like my shit, or hate it for that matter! Just make sure you share it!


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